Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

Hedgehog Care Assistants

Every day, the hedgehogs in our care need weighing, their cages cleaned, food and water supplying, and their records updated. Many also require medication.

With over 100 hedgehogs in care, this is a time consuming process carried out every day, and for those on intensive care, twice a day. We are looking for volunteers who can offer three hours at a time on a regular rota basis to assist with the daily care routines.

Shifts are currently 10a.m – 1p.m 7 days a week.

Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue volunteers assist other personnel with daily operations and with special events.

Duties include:

  • • Feeding, weighing and grooming the hedgehogs
  • • Assisting finders and foster carers with information on hedgehogs
  • • Cleaning the hedgehog cages and/or hutches
  • • Cleaning and organising food storage/prep area
  • • Sweeping/cleaning hedgehog sheds and floors
  • • Working at and assisting with off-site fosters and other special events

More experienced volunteers may be able to clean the nursery cages, which require special care, and assist with syringe feeding of orphan hoglets.

While this may seem like a fantastic thing to do, the reality is cleaning out soiled bedding and handling injured and ill animals. While having a love for wildlife, you will need to be practical and objective as we cannot cuddle these animals, that would cause immense stress for them, they are wild and have to remain so. So while caring you have to be able to carry out the work in an efficient manner with the least stress to the animal.

We clean everything out daily. Cleanliness is paramount to avoid spreading illness and even if it wasn’t, the smell from one cage not cleaned for 24 hours is unbelievable. We have A LOT of cages… and no gas masks.

Other tasks include; cleaning the hospital area, disinfecting work surfaces, restocking food and assisting with the gentle restraint of hedgehogs while medication is given. There is no lone working and at all times you will be assisting Staff and/or other volunteers.

You will be trained in the required tasks and expected to adhere to the rescue units risk assessments and protocols.

If you would like to become a volunteer with us, please click the button below and complete the application form. Once received, we will process your application, and get back to you in due course.